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Mediacom Online Security

Online security is a hotly debated topic with many customers, private organizations and government agencies. This is primarily due to the increasing trends of security breaches, website hacks and spamming reported across the web.

The issue is common across all levels of users, from residential customers to business customers. It is during times like these that customers need to select an Internet Service Provider that offers much in terms of online security. Mediacom Internet is a popular choice. The service comes with a cluster of free security tools that ensures complete security against all kinds of online threats.

Mediacom’s residential High Speed Internet services are known for their very high speeds, obviously. But the unknown fact is that the service is one of the most dependable security-centered Internet services currently available in the marketplace. Customers can sign up for the service by choosing a package that suits their requirements.

There are five speed-based packages offered and all the packages come with free security tools designed by Total Defense, a popular company known for its lineup of online security tools and services.

Total Defense Security Suite

Protect your family with Mediacom Online Security Tools

The Internet service comes with the Total Defense Security Suite that ensures subscribers are safeguarded from hackers and spyware developers. Total Defense Security Suite is a trademarked security suite that is designed to safeguard systems from Internet threats that can endanger subscriber privacy and lessen system performance with anti-spyware, anti-spam and personal firewall protection.

In addition, subscribers do not have to worry about phishing and other intruders who track banking transactions and passwords. There is also a lot offered to parents who have children accessing the Internet in their home. Such subscribers can manage the systems and devices used by their children using the parental controls feature. There is also a feature that lets subscribers manage important content and PC settings by automatically creating a backup for all important content as set by the user. Subscribers can restore the data or transfer it to a new system.

The good thing about the Mediacom Internet service is that all the security tools are included in all the packages they offer. All their subscribers get the best online security and are well protected in terms of system and network security. Though security is assured with the Mediacom Internet service, subscribers must stay away from emails requesting personal information, Internet Protocol addresses, street mailing addresses, bank account numbers, telephone numbers and other personal information.

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